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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ebay Hearts :: Organising Jewellery

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Since last weeks 'Ebay Hearts' feature was so well liked, I decided to make it a regular thing- Yippee!

This week I have lusted over charming, shabby chic ways to display, organise and store jewellery.

I love jewellery. I don't have a tonne of expensive jewels, I'm more of a cheap 'n' cheerful kinda gal. If it twinkles I'm happy. I often think it's a shame to stash everything away in drawers and boxes and love to display my favourite bits and bobs, so that I can enjoy them everyday and add a touch of glamour to my dresser. Of course, there are the few pieces that you don't want out and about, and for those I have a solution too!

All pictures are taken from

THIS JEWELLERY HOLDER is multifunctional and super girlie. You could pop your studs in the mesh parts and hang your dangly earrings on the little hooks. I would also end up draping bracelets over the swirly wires at the top too. I love that this has little hinges, so that if you fancy changing things up a bit, you can fold it, pop it in a drawer and not begrudge it taking up all you space.

THESE LITTLE BASKETS are super duper sweet. They are the kind of things that I would have on my dresser with my jewellery with the best of intentions of keeping organised, but would end up chucking all my trinkets in. I don't know about you but I have all sorts in my jewellery box- a memory stick with my wedding photos, floral badges, bag charms, coins (why?), Baby Glitter's hospital wrist band and more. These little wire jobbies are pretty enough to scatter around your room to collect all those lovely little bits of life. Failing that, candle holder anyone?

Is this the cutest RING STAND you have ever seen? You all know my obsession with birds, so this definitely floats my boat.
If you look carefully you will see that it is actually a teeny tiny bird pond with itsybitsy birds sat round it, probably chatting about how pretty your jewels are. I'd scatter my sparkliest cocktail rings in there and struggle to choose which to wear.

Finally, this MIRRORED DRAWER SET is very similar to one I currently have and I must say, I loves it! It's great to display all your most pretty of things, but those heavily bejewelled butterfly dangly hoops that you think you ought not to have bought? Store them in here and nobody ever need know your secret love for them. Tehe.

I do hope you liked my ideas to organise your jewellery. I might do another one at some point with less girlie options (think muji acrylic drawers etc), but I figured that since these are all the things I really love myself, you might enjoy them too!

How do you store your pretties? Do you have any requests for next week's Ebay Hearts?