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Monday, November 7, 2011

Lou's Reviews :: OPI Rainbow Connection

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

It's chockablock with glitter, it goes on your nails, it's from OPI. I'm happy. Then end.

Haha, I jest, that's not the review over, but it may as well be because I'm in luurrvee with this sparkly little baby.

This is 'Rainbow Connection' by OPI from the Muppets Collection that is being bought out for Christmas.

As you can see with your own fair peepers, it is a glitter polish with various sized flecks of silver, gold, turquoise, red, green and purple. It retails for £10.50 and you can purchase it from the Lena White website.

I've been asked a few times where else you can buy OPI Polishes from for those of you who aren't internet shoppers. Quite a few beauty salons stock them, as well as Sally's, Liberty of London and John Lewis. However, for the full range, I really would shop online. I will just say that when I looked on the website, you couldn't buy 'Rainbow Connection' individually and it only came in a duo. Check back regularly because I think they might change this in the approach to the festive season.

What can I say about this polish that you can't see from the snazzy picture?

It took about 3 coats to achieve an opaque look. I say 'about' because I had to do a bit of dabbing-brush-in-sparsely-covered-areas painting. This leaves a rather lumpy chunky feel to your nail but as the actual liquid is clear, nobody will know and you'll have a full coverage of glitter- yippee.

If you liked Deborah Lippmann's 'Happy Birthday', then you'll like this. A lot.

If you hankered for OPI's sparkly Alice In Wonderland 'Mad as a Hatter' and missed out, then grab this now- I think it'll be another sought after one like that. (After writing this post, I started  thinking about yearning for 'Mad as a Hatter' and so have found it HERE  on ebay- I do heart that place so).

I think it will look smashing over black or navy varnishes.

It was a nightmare to remove. But, like childbirth, it was oh so worth it. Usually I would think £10.50 is a little steep for a nail product, but this is special.

Does 'Rainbow Connection' float your boat?



PS- Did I just compare this nail varnish to the birth of my Daughter?!? It must be the fumes! :)