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Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Sorting Saturday

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Baby Glitter is rolling around at my feet (on a blanket with toys I might add, she's not just been slung down there and ignored! haha), Mattmoo is watching Sky Sports News (gad zukes I hate that channel) and I'm pootling around on t'internet.

I know I've already blogged today, but I haven't filmed or uploaded any videos because of this horrid fluey thing, so I'm feeling blogtastic.

What's happened today then?

*I lugged all the junk out of our cupboard under the stairs and we (by 'we', I mean 'Matt whilst I pointed at stuff and tried to look busy') moved it all to the garage, where I can forget it exists and not deal with it at all. The aim was to then put other, more relevant junk -hoover, pram, ironing board, the obligatory bucket that every household has and wonders why etc- under there. Now our dining room is less full of junk. Essentially, it was all just a big exercise in moving junk from different places and feeling better for it.

*We took a few bits to the local tip, where we were met with the most helpful (please sense the sarcasm there) man ever.
Matt drives up. Tip man signals at us to stop and wind window down.
Matt- Looks questioningly at Tip Man.
Tip Man- Stares back.
Matt- Umm...I want to chuck out a big rug and an old tent.
Long weird pause.
Tip Man- One 'n' Two.
Matt- ...........thanks then.

*Despite Matt saying he hates Hobbycraft, I made him come in with me on the premise that I'm poorly and deserve to be mollycoddled. I bloomin' love that place. I actually only wanted to buy some star shaped cookie cutters, but got a bit carried away in the bead department. Woopsie.

Is it weird that I spent quite a lot of time swilling my hand around this bowl of beads? I like to do that with chestnuts in supermarkets as a normal person.

*We accidentally bought a McDonalds, parked up near a nice grassy area and housing estate that we love. We play this game where we look at the street of houses (not in a pervy casing the joint way, in a nice way) and say that when we win the lottery we'll buy the whole row and put all our friends and family in them and decide which houses each person will get and why.

*We came home, gave Baby Glitter her lunch, let her have some story time and I tweeted, fb chatted, did a bit of blog research, answered emails and texted back a few people. Technology attack!

* Whilst mooching around (I do love it when Matt's at home, I can mooch mooch mooch) my online favs, weheartit, etsy, ebay and folky, I came across a tres cool ebay shop. I wanted to include it in my Ebay Hearts post, but I really cannot wait, and to be fair, it doesn't really suit the theme I'll be going for.

Beauty Makeup Supply Jars & Bottles

THIS SHOP is a beauty addicts dream! It sells EVERYTHING storagey (real word there) and oragnisey that you would ever need. It has jars, tubs and atomisers to decant products into- perfect if you like mixing products or travelling. It has mascara wands, powder puffs, foam wedges and sponge applicators- perfect if you are a makeup artist or your friends use you as one (like mine, hmmm). It even has a 3 tier 24 slot acrylic lipstick holder (HERE) which I'm seriously considering.

I hate to sound so thrilled about jars and organisers but things like that really float my boat. I've had so many requests for a makeup collection video but really desperadosly need to sort my cosmetics drawers out before I unveil them to the world!

*Hmmm since starting this post, Baby Glitter has had her dinner and gone to bed and Mindy is attempting to sit on my shoulder. Looking forward to a cheesy omelet, Saturday night TV and uploading this week's London photos. And do you know what, I'm not in the least bit ashamed that 5 years ago I was probably drinking cheapo vodka, straightening my hair and setting off on a crazy adventure with my friends and now I'm snuggled up with a blanket, the cat and my laptop...........well, not much anyway.

What have you done today? Do you love that shop as much as I do? Am I a fruitloop? Don't answer that last one!



All pictures aside from the ebay store one wear taken on Matt's phone. Hope you can actually see them now, after that slight technical hitch!