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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Making Money

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

I've seen a lot of comments and tweets (I think there was even a #bbloggers night on the topic) about making money from blogs and youtube channels and I thought I would share my opinions with you. Naturally, we will all have ideas and views of our own, but I would ask that everyone respects everyone else's individuality and accepts these different views. I hope that you will agree with me, I know a lot of people do, but we are all entitled to feel what we like, otherwise the world would be a rather dull place indeed.

I am all for making money from your blog or channel, AS LONG AS you stay true to the heart of it. By this I mean, if you started of saying that your blog would feature honest beauty reviews (like I did), then continue to provide HONEST beauty reviews. If you are being paid to do something, or have been sent a complimentary product, it is important to still be HONEST. If you don't like it, say so. If you don't want to say so, don't review it. I don't actually review every single thing I am sent, because sometimes I just feel a bit blleaauggh about a product. A few times I have given negative reviews (remember the Liz Earle Superskin Moisturiser? Yuk!) because that was really how I felt. Yes, I know the company spent money sending me it, but I would've felt awful if a Sprinklerino had spent their pennies on it, based on my recommendation, and then hated it. I care far more about your pennies than I do those of the PR companies.

If your doing a sponsored post and you have been offered money to write a certain thing or someone else is writing it, make it clear that this is a sponsored post. I never begrudge reading sponsored posts, as long as I know that's what they are. As yet, I have declined all offers of this kind of post on my blog because they haven't really fit in with my style, but that's not to say I am against them.


It is also possible to make a few pennies from YouTube as well. YouTube gives you the opportunity to 'monetise' your videos. That little strip of ads at the bottom of a video? That's what I'm talking about. This option doesn't make you megabucks (unless you have a whopping great following of squillions), but every penny counts. I am fine with these ads because viewers have the choice. They can click the cross and it's bye-bye birdie for the ads.

It is also possible to do sponsored videos. As above, I'm also fine with these, as long as people are honest and say they are being sponsored.

Another way people can make mula from their blogs is by having little blog sales or selling crafted items. I think these are fab and have picked up some great bargains myself! They are a fun way to pass on things which you never use or showcase your creative talents. Know how to knit lovely scarves? Why not sell them on your blog?


In summary, I don't think making money from your blog is bad, as long as you are a) Honest and b) It is not your primary goal.

Sprinkle of Glitter started as a humble little place for me to be me, be creative, share my thoughts, be part of a lovely community and have some wonderful experiences. Two years on and it still is that place. It hasn't changed. The difference is, my life has. I now have Baby Glitter. My maternity has ended and it's time to go back to an office job to pay the bills. Except I can't. I can't bare to leave Baby Glitter with other people and not see her chubby little cheeks when she smiles up at me. I know it is a real wrench for so many Mothers.

So for that reason, I have been putting my thinking cap on and coming up with ways that I can make a few extra pounds so I can continue to stay at home and raise her myself. I know I won't make the same as an office job (even after you take out nursery expenses), but if I can just make enough to cover maybe the monthly food shops or perhaps a couple of the bills, we'll scrape by.

So, I allow specific ads on my blog and might host a few blog sales. I'm also going to declutter my home and ebay off a few bits and bobs. I have a few other non internet ideas up my sleeves too so I shall definitely keep you posted on those. :)

I want to promise you something.

I promise Sprinkle of Glitter won't change. It may have a facelift every so often, I may put up some different ads now and then, I may loose my mind from teething baby crying sounds, but I will always be the same old durrbrainy me. Heck! Today I found a dead squirrel in the park and after failing to get it into a nappy bag without touching it, I rolled it into a little ditch, covered it in leaves and said a little prayer for it that it didn't get pecked to bits by crows. Is this the behaviour of a money grabbing business bod? I think not.

I'm interested to hear your views, but respectfully ask that we remain mature and give everyone a fair chance to voice their thoughts.

Also, have you ever tried to get a dead squirrel into a nappy bag? VERY tricky!