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Friday, March 15, 2013

Blue Skies and Happy Days

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

I've had a big sexy canon camera now for almost a year and over that time I have really grown in confidence with photography. I love taking snaps of every day life and have gone from taking only posed smiley pictures to capturing the little moments of life that show real emotion and evoke real memories.

Recently I have been looking through my files and deciding which pictures I'm going to have printed onto canvasses for my wall. I currently have one lonely canvass of a 7 month old Darcybird and I have decided that each month I will treat our wall to a couple more. Over time I want to have a collection of all the things and people we love. Like a scrapbook of our shared life on our walls.

Sprinkle of Glitter Wall Art Decor
(Here's me harping on about how I capture the moment and actually Zoe took this photograph for me. I like it because even though it doesn't show our faces, or even my head, you can see a lot of love and bonding in it. It was taken last summer on a really hot day at an amusement park/safari in the SouthWest. It was such a brilliant weekend and I hope I have so many more like it this year.)

Sprinkle of Glitter Wall Art Decor
(This is Matt and Darcy in Liverpool looking round one of the new museums. I love that neither of them are looking into the lens and that we have such a good shot of Darcy's profile. It changes so much as she grows. I also think Matt looks unbearably handsome in this. Can you believe I got to marry that man?!?)

Sprinkle of Glitter Wall Art Decor
(Another shot from Zoe- gad zukes I love that woman. She is literally the only person I know that if I said, 'Please will you photograph my child's Christening/a party/a day/a wedding etc', she would get it spot on and exactly to my taste. She has such great style. 
I love this image because it captures so much love. Love from me and the love of Darcy enjoying it. In a really OCD way, I also really like that our clothes match and the yellow of the little train we were on matches. It also brings back memories from a really happy day with Zoe, her brother and my sister.)

This month I will be ordering all three photographs. I use a site called Photobox which I have always had fantastic service from. When you sign up (for free, with your email address) you are given a credit for 40-50 free prints which I thought was good. I had a load of baby pictures printed so that I could give them out to extended family who hadn't seen her and weren't overly familiar with modern technology- Auntie Bridget, I'm looking at you. They also have an offer where if you recommend a friend to them and that friend signs up (and then they get the free prints) then you are given credits for a free photobook. I recommended quite a few of my personal facebook friends and now have 3 free photobooks and they have a load of prints! YAY! 

If you would like me to recommend you and help me get a photobook, leave your email address below and I will over the next day or so. TO BE VERY CLEAR- you do not have to do this AT ALL and I'm not being paid to ask or any of that business. I just like the little free photobooks you can make! Haha! I keep making little baby books for Darcy or books of the cat or of pretty pictures. So, this isn't a big hoo-har, just a thrifty woman asking if you wanna work together to make the most of an offer. Of course, you can just sign up off your own back and get your own prints. There, you know all the facts now! I don't want anyone to feel like they are being swizzed in any way. We're a community round here and communities stick together. 

Do you take the time to print your photography successes? Do you love internet freebies as much as me!?



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