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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Postcard Invitations

Aloha Sprinkerinos,

Woah there sailor (?!), when did I become a Mother of an almost two year old? Surely I was only pregnant three and a half seconds ago?

That aside, I'm having a little party afternoon for her and thought it might be nice to send official through the post since I'm oddly quaint that way. 

Postcard Invitations | Sprinkle of Glitter

To save myself the bother of notelets and envelopes, I decided to go with their lazy cousin option- the postcard.

I used a website called photobox (they haven't asked me to write this post and I paid with my own pennies), uploaded an image that I liked (which I previously edited on picmonkey), selected how many I wanted and voila, £6.99 for 10 and 2 days later, my invites where on my doormat.

I'm sharing this with you because a) it excites me, b) it was super easy, fast and affordable and c) because I didn't know about it until I did a little research, so it may well come in handy for you. A little life tip to store away until you need it. 

So far the postcards have been a hit and I shall keep a couple back myself to save as mementos.

What do you think? New age postcards or old school notelets and enevelopes? I have a tonne of crafts planned for her birthday so do keep your eyes peeled for those soon!



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