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Monday, March 18, 2013

I'm off to see the wizard....

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

.....the wonderful wizard of Oz Orlando!

As you may know, tomorrow I am flying out to Orlando for a YouTube convention called Playlist Live. 

I. Am. Excited.

 (Worlds greatest screenshot there)

I thought about spending some time writing out a weeks worth of blog posts and scheduling them so that I could have something up everyday (since I have done so well for 7 weeks now!) but decided against it. The pressure was too much. I figured if I was going away for a week I'd rather spend the day with Darcy and Matt than tip tapping away on my much as I love a good tip tap. 

Instead what I might do is upload a little bit whilst I'm out there. I plan on taking my canon so that I can have lots and lots of lovely photographic memories so maybe I'll upload a snap a day or something of that sort. I'm being super flippant because I don't want to work myself up about it. I find that when I make a blog promise I feel really compelled to carry it out, regardless of whether it actually suits my life or not.

Hopefully, I'll be around. If I'm not, just know that I'll be back and I'm probably too busy binging on IHOP to get my tiptapping on.

Have a lovely week wherever you are!



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