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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Advertiser Fail, Anniversary Win!

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Uh oh and huzzah!!!

Good news first? OK.

This week is my two year wedding anniversary. Can you believe how fast time flies? I thought we would do something special on the actual day, maybe swap cards and have a nice dinner together, but oohhh nooo, Matt has come up trumps!

I have been told that at 4pm a babysitter is coming over, I am to go upstairs, languish in the bath, paint my nails, fiddle about with my hair, play with makeup, read a magazine and reeelllllaaaaaxxxxx. Then, I'm being taken out for a mystery evening!!! Can I have a 'oooooohhhhhh'?

This leads on to the bad news. Oh dear.

Tonight is ad change over night. With me being romanced (woop woop) it would be a little awkward to take my laptop out with us, so I'm putting the month back one day and the ads will be swapped over tomorrow instead. Nobody will be swizzed, I'll just run them til the 3rd of October instead of the 2nd.

I thought I should let you know in case either you were waiting to see who would appear in the sidebar to add to your reading lists OR you had parted with your hard earned pennies and thought I had run off into the sunset with them.

I like Sprinkle of Glitter to be an honest and transparent place, so instead of just sending a little email to all the Amazing Advertisers of September, it's here for everybody to see and understand.

Now let's get guessing, what do you think Matt has in store for me??