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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Happy Third Birthday, Blog!

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Today my blog is 3. On this day, three years ago, I sat on the very same sofa, in the very same room that I am in now and decided to start a blog.

Last year on it's second birthday I wrote this ::

"Happy Birthday little blog, what a journey we've been on! First year a wedding, second year a baby, third year a ....?"

Third birthday cake
(Image : Pinterest)

Well it is the third year now and time to fill in a blank. 

I think this year the new thing has been 'business'. After 2 years I was finally fortunate enough to be able to call Blogging (and making YouTube videos) my job. My actual proper job. It's like a dream!

Blogging is something I enjoy every aspect of. I enjoy buying and trying new products, I enjoy taking pictures and playing with editing software, I enjoy thinking up new features or lifey posts and tags, I enjoy tiptapping away on my keyboard and letting words flow out, I enjoy seeing it all in one post all put together, I enjoy reading your comments and tweets, I enjoy tweeting back, I enjoy reading other people's blogs, I enjoy all of it. Every single bit. 

To say that something you enjoy a million percent is actually your job is fantastic because it never feels like work. It feels like I am allowed to spend time having fun and it helps to pay our bills. What more can a gal ask for??

I must say though, before anyone with a blog goes handing their notice in based on this blog post, that I wouldn't be able to call this my job without my YouTube channel as the two really do go hand in hand. 

With all that aside, I am grateful to this blog for far, far more than the financial help it brings our household. It really truly has steered my life down a brilliantly sparkly path.

Firstly, because of the financial help, it allows me to stay at home with Baby Glitter instead of putting her in daycare and returning to the office. This is something that I am so thankful for as these are days I will cherish forever.  I really am treasuring every little moment of her babyhood and am glad I am able to be her full time carer.

Secondly, I haven't felt alone in 3 years. I know that whatever time or day or night, because of this blog I will always have someone to chat to or interact with. I will always be able to to tweet or read comments or return emails, because you Sprinklerinos are so kind and have taken a little moment out of your day to talk to me. I'm sadly not able to reply to everything but if you were really keen to chat, twitter is your best bet. 

Thirdly, I have inadvertently documented three years of my life. Three of the best! The run up to my wedding, newlywedness (real word there), pregnancy and mummyhood. Sometimes I go back and read older posts and remember all the little things I've done or made or reviewed or experienced and feel incredibly enriched.

Thank you to every single sparkly one of you who has read, followed, commented or joined in with this blog. I'm sure to most it is a blog like any other, but to me it is much, much more. It's magical.

So, like last year, Happy Birthday little blog. What a journey we've been on! First year a wedding, second year a baby, third year a business, fourth year a ...... . Who knows where we'll go next? I hope you will come with me.