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Friday, September 21, 2012

Date Night FOTD

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Since last fortnight was our second wedding anniversary, Matt was a little gem and organised a lovely night for us.

Naturally I made a bit of an effort seeing as it was a romantic occasion and whatnot and as the dedicated blogger I am, I made sure to get a quick snap or two. I must say though, this was hours after I applied my makeup and had eaten a lovely meal, so it's not as picture perfect as I would like, but that's why this is a blog and not an editorial magazine.


MAC Studio Sculpt -NW20
MUFE HD Concealer -5
MAC Bronzing Pressed Powder
MAC MSF -Soft and Gentle


MAC Lipliner -Cherry (all over the lip)
Nars Larger Than Life Lipgloss -Norma


A concoction of eyeshadow shades ranging from black on the outer corner to gold on the inner with violet in between. I have a lot of palettes so I just dipped around happily haphazardly. 
Topshop Kohl -Coal
YSL Shocking Mascara -Blackest Black (Good grief I love this product! haha)
FasionistA Brow Kit (review coming soon).

And that's it.

I kept my hair simple in a top knot with 40's fringe, silver heart oversized studs (£2 from River Island- what a steal) and a swish new outfit that I will do an OOTD for if you would like it?

I am currently just LOVING red lips. I have been sporting them most days and is a look I think I will wear a lot this Autumn.

What are you loving this September?