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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Twenty Thousand Thank You's

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

A slight deviation from what I had planned today, but I'm the polite sort and felt it suitable.

20,000 Beauty Blog Followers

A couple of nights a go my blog reached the 20,000 subscriber mark. Ohmigerddd!!!!

I know I say it at every little blog landmark but THANK YOU. It's very easy to write out these words and very easy for you to read them, but the difficult thing is for me to really convey to you what this blog means to me. 

It may just look like any old website that some woman posts text and images on but to me it is so much more. It is a part of me. I love it like I love Matt and Darcy and my friends and my home. It's like a home to me. My personal home for anything and everything that takes my fancy. My special place to share special things with people of like mindedness. I value it and cherish it and nurture it and through it, I value and cherish you too. 

I don't know each and every one of you and I don't know where you live or what you do or how you behave, but I know that the support you give this little slice of the net, travels through the wires and bytes and tech and into me and makes my life all the better for it.

Whether you were follower number 20, 2,456 or 20,000, thank you for being a part of this place. I hope that it can be as special for you as it is for me and I hope we can share it with a lot more people to come- it's a very cool gang to be in dontchya think?



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