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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Amazing Advertisers || Janaury 2013

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

This post always comes round so fast and is always a pleasure to write. This month in particular I shall enjoy it because I have spent a significant amount of time using my little sidebar library of great blogs. We have, like most of the UK, experienced heavy snow and after an initial gritty determination to go out (and finding that pushing a pram on ice is pretty torturous), I have been indoors and lacking in the motivation to do anything too physical.

(I don't even know what snowy little creature this is but it would have been a crime not to have him as our image today!)

So let's meet the ladies of the sidebar and see what they're all about. 

Two words for you: Arm. Candy. I challenge you to not find something you like on this cute, clear, well organised web store. With a variety of colours, styles and metals, there is something to suit everyone's taste and with spring and short sleeves just around the snowy corner, I need to stock up!!

If you are familiar with any of my YouTube videos or posts from last year, you will know I am a huge fan of this shop. It is a treasure trove of cute home wares and gifts and I find myself trawling through it for hours. You can pay by paypal which is a huge plus for me and shipping is speedy. You'll like it.

You know those blogs that have a little bit of everything to tickle your pickle? Well The High Tea Cast is one of them. I absolutely loved the Love Letter to YouTube because I think it's something we can all relate to, agree with and laugh about. Go and see which points you find yourself nodding along to!

Paige is a little sweetheart who blogs about her experiences with beauty tools and products. Recently Paige has treated herself to a Beiber perfume (although she'd like you all to know, she isn't a fangirl!) and shares her opinions on a Babyliss styler. Also, Paige has a giveaway running so if you're interested in that, hop on over. 

Bows, Bangles & Bakes was a blog I raved about on twitter this week. I felt thoroughly pepped up by Jen's extensive list of ways to beat the January blues without spending your hard earned mula. She made me want to get up and get going with fun! This blog is also full of OOTD's, tips, projects and lifestyle posts. I love it.

I have quite a confession to make. When I saw that Sofia had booked to advertise on my blog, I had a miniature fan girl  moment of excitement. I frickin' LOVE this blog. The photography is a visual feast, the writing beautiful, the content full of interest, I just love, love, love, LOVE it!! Stop reading this blog write now and click on her link. Be warned, you about to lose about 3 hours of your life!!

Smoke & Mirrors

According to, well, the internet, this blog no longer exists. Maybe this is true or maybe it's all just smoke and mirrors. Haha, see what I did there? 

Stacie is an inspiration. Despite waiting for a heart and lung transplant, he blog is never full of self pity or begrudingness (new word there). On top of all that, this month she has had a chest infection AND the norovirus- what are the odds? The good news though is that her sister is engaged and that Stacie has been working on some super cool photo album projects. I love reading about her life. :)

Emily blogs about beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Recently Emily has shared with us what Father Christmas bought her and her thoughts on Jimmy Choo Flash perfume. Her reviews are easy to read and informative. Emily is also a keen tweeter. 

This is a blog I was talking to my friend Claire about on Friday night. I was telling her that I love how each article is akin to something you might read in an expensive glossy magazine and how all the little posts are so well written and thought provoking. The layout of the blog is rare and inviting so I'd advice you go and spend a bit of time ferreting around. Yeah, ferreting. 

Sarah is a girl after my own heart- a glitter obsessive! Her beauty blog is packed full of fair reviews (she recently had a terrible experience with a Soap and Glory peel), tips and tricks. Sarah also includes plenty of photos to give you a good view of the products and injects her humour into every post. 

You know the blog you turn to when you need a little pick me up, a bit of an internet snuggle if you will? Well this is my that. I feel really invested in Rachael's life and love hearing about her day to day adventures. The way she talks about her boyfriend is just adorable, you can see a lot of love there. This blog is a truly, truly lovely slice of the web. Grab a hot drink and read your way through it. 

So there we have this months Amazing Advertisers. If you would like to advertise on Sprinkle of Glitter, you can click HERE to learn more about it.

Have you found any new reads this month? Also, don't forget, there are only 5 days left to take part in January's Bedroom Beauty Challenge. Are you in?



This month my Ultimate Advertiser is DotComGiftShop . If you would like to find out more about advertising on this blog, click HERE