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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy Mint Hares

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Before Christmas, on one of my many jaunts through ASOS (an online clothes shopping haven), I stumbled across a bag that embodies everything I look for in a piece of arm candy and snapped it up quicker than you could say, 'Shouldn't you be saving for a holiday?".

ASOS Mint Hare Bag

Oh hello beautiful mint green bag with (faux) gold hardware, tassel and a embossed hare detail.

This bag is described as a 'Tassel Bowler Bag" but in my humble opinion it should be the Mint Hare Bag- far more whimsical. 

Retailing for £35 for not real leather, I do think the pricing is a little steep. However, the fact that it is mint & gold, has forest animal detailing (I have a love of woodland creatures), is large enough to fit all my mummy junk and regular stuff in it, can be held with short handles or long straps and has a tassel....well that makes up for it for me.

This bag is just what I needed to brighten up a grey January and look forward to Spring with. I tend to wear a lot of pastels and florals from about February-August, so with any luck, this will see me through. 

I haven't had an opportunity to take it outside a lot and really road test it so at the moment, on the durability front, the jury's out. I've never had a 'big bag' from ASOS before so I can't even look back and compare, but based purely on aesthetics, I LOVE IT!

What do you think? How much do you allow yourself to spend on a 'big bag'? I think my limit is about £60 if it's very, very special. Let me know in the comments, I'm interested.