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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lou's Reviews || Elizabeth Arden Visable Difference Lotion

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

I have been using Elizabeth Arden's Visable Difference Balancing Lotion for about 3 months now and have completely finished the bottle. Like many beauty obsessives, I often have more than one product on the go at once and flipflop between a few. This was different. It was like sticky chinese food, I wanted it every single day.

This skin balancing lotion* retails for £27.20 if you choose to buy it online from FeelUnique (linked above), or you can also buy it from Debenhams beauty hall for £32. You can also buy it in other places, but these are the ones I've researched. Feel free to get your google on!

The idea behind this product is that the oil free formula acts to balance your own natural moisture levels so that your skin is just right for you- because you're unique. Awwee.

I have naturally dry skin and find it becomes quite thirsty during the day. I loved how this lotion felt light, non greasy (as you'd expect from an oil-free product) and sank in really quickly. I can't bare moisturisers that just slide about your face and prevent you from moving to your foundation routine. The luxury of time is no longer mine thanks to my little glitter bug baby.

Using this leaves my skin feeling great all day. By the evening it is ready for cleansing and night cream but overall I have noticed no dry patches (a problem I can suffer from with lesser quality products) and this pleases me. 

The packaging is fairly standard. I like that it has a pump- good for hygiene and waste preventative, but it's not something I would proudly display as one of my 'pretties'. It's just a staple product that lives in a drawer. I have actually taken and edited a couple of swatch shots but I asked myself, 'Are my readers really that silly that they need to see a dollup of white cream on my hand?' and the answer was no. We're all intelligent women (and possibly men if you're reading!), we know what a lotion looks like. Non?

In summary, yes to this skin product. It does what it promises, lived up to my expectations and as a result, my skin has thanked me. Next time I'm in need of a daily moisturiser (I currently have quite a stash put by), I will consider turning to this (if the lure of this Liz Earle one isn't too strong). 

Have you tried this product? Are you an Elizabeth Arden fan? What have you tried from there?



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