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Friday, January 25, 2013

Results || Bedroom Beauty Challenge

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

How has your week been? Did you read last week's interactive post, 'Bedroom Beauty Challenge'? If you didn't, save yourself the confusion and click HERE to familiarise yourself with the concept and then we're all ready to go go. 'Wake me up, before you go go". Love that song.

The challenge for January was 'Vivacious Vixen' and after seeing some of your creations, I'm impressed!! Feel free to link them below again if you want to.

I have to say, I feel like I let myself down a bit this month. I have had quite a stressful week with a lot more 'life' thrown at me than I thought, so fun beauty time kind of took a bit of a backseat. I had planned to do a red lip and black smokey eyes but alas, this was what I did with limited time. It's the look I wore to a very exciting Illamasqua event last night (more on this later) and I'm really pleased with it.

I think the bronzed brown eyes give the look a very toned down casual effect but the corally orange lips say, 'Hey there ladies and gents, I'm not afraid to wear colour, I'm bold, I'm wild, I live on the edge", (says the lady who blogs with an old lady blanket on her lap in the evening). The bright floral dress and 1960's hair give it a vivacious feel and over all, given the week I've had, I'm happy. I'll give myself a B+ haha. I'll try harder next time.

I've really enjoyed setting this little game, I think we all had a lot of fun. I have all the challenges set out for the next month so I'm looking forward to February and think you'll love it too.

Did you take part? Do you think you will next time? Feel free to give it a go over the weekend and leave your link here for everyone to find you!



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