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Friday, January 18, 2013

Bedroom Beauty Challenge || January

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

After last year's success with the 7 Things and LOTD interactive posts, I thought it might be fun to carry this on in 2013.

In keeping with this blog's theme, this interactive post is beauty flavoured- yay!

What Is The Bedroom Beauty Challenge?

The idea of this challenge is to experiment, play and enjoy makeup. It's all too easy to find a couple of looks that work well for you, perfect them and then stick to them like a limpet in a rockpool. I know I do. I find myself in a beauty rut.

To help us climb out of our little ruts, each month I'm going to set you a spangly challenge. I'll give you a theme/genre/idea and it's your job to run with it and create something. If it's a little out of your comfort zone, that's fine. You're only in your bedroom. Nobody will ever see you being daring with colour or experimenting with texture, it's just you, in your bedroom, safe. You may well find that once you have dared to do something different in your bedroom (with beauty you filthy minded minxes), that you have the confidence to wear your new look out. This could lead to a whole new world of beautiful makeup ideas. And, if it doesn't, what have you lost? Nothing. You've gained only fun and freedom to try.

If you would like to play along on your own blog (here's where the interactive bit comes into play), feel free to take the image above and link it back so that your readers can take part too. Then, show me the look you've made. If you want to write a little bit about how you achieved it, go for it. If you want to just use my image and a picture of your face, go for it. This is all just for fun. Leave a link below so we can all discover you and your blog and be a Bedroom Beauty Challenge community! Naawww.

If you don't have a blog but are on twitter, you can tweetpic and use the hashtag #bedroombeauty so that I can find them all and have a nosey.

Oooff, don't worry, we won't have to do all that explaining every month!! I'll also be taking part in this challenge and next week, will upload my look too. So, without further ado, this months Bedroom Beauty Challenge is:

Vivacious Vixen

Make of this what you will and get your brushes out!

This challenge will close in exactly one week, on Friday the 25th of January.

Will you be taking part?



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