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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

25 Facts About Me

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

After being inspired by A Rosie Outlook (who I'm so pleased I found through Sofia's Journal, it's amazing who you can find through those amazing advertisers!), I have decided to do my own '25 Things About Me'. The last time I did something like this was about 2 years ago so we're about due a catch up I think.

The idea seems pretty simple, share 25 things about your good self.

Let's go!

1. My favourite thing about Mindy is her snout. Mostly because the word 'snout' is so very satisfying to say.

2. If I could decorate my entire house in mints and pinks, I would.

3. I have a little scar on my right knee where I fell over in the school playground and got glass embedded into it. What a safe play environment.

4. The sound of typing is one of my favourite things to listen to.

5. I always, always, always have white bedding in my bedroom. I feel uncomfortable if Matt puts our beige set on (although grateful that he did it!).

6. I got engaged on December 1st 2006.

7. I hate eating outside.

8. I absolutely love the royal family and collect books, tins and china with them on.

9. I still suck my thumb. Don't judge me.

10. If I could go back in time and change one thing in my life it would be to have said goodbye to my mother before she died.

11. If ever I read a sad/bad news story, I go on pinterest straight away. It's my happy place.

12. I have the organisational skills of a flea.

13. The only sport I excel at is frisbee. Which let's face it, isn't much of a sport.

14. My Dad chose my name.

15. I once was a member of a gym (!) where in my head I renamed all the equipment so it was more friendly. So, rather than 'Treadmill', 'Wizadora' etc.

16. Much to Matt's annoyance, I constantly pinch his socks.

17. I think loneliness is the most painful thing.

18. I go to church on a weekly basis and really enjoy it.

19. 19 was the age I finally felt free.

20. I take a LOT of photographs.

21. I only just worked out that I could put the music from my laptop onto my phone. Durr.

22. I am addicted to list making.

23. The smell of mince cooking makes me want to be a little bit sick.

24. Blogging make me do internal happy dances.

25. Sunday night TV is my bliss.

That felt so good! If you have a place to share, feel free to write your lists too.

Were any of those new to you?



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