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Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Aloha Sprinklerinos,

I have been editing some of Baby Glitter's photographs for our family album and I couldn't help but share one of them.

Darcy is like a tonic. No matter what's happened in the day or how tired I feel, the little cherub always puts a bit of pep in my step and warmth in my heart.

It's true what they say, Motherhood will change your life.

Not for better or for worse*, just for different. I miss having free time and lay ins. I miss having space in my house that isn't filled with plastic toys and equipment and I miss not being able to gallivant about as easily seeing friends. You swap nights out for dinners in and find that some chums will embrace this and others will leave you behind.

You think about all this and wonder if you'll ever have those experiences again. And then you see your child discovering something new with absolute wonderment or laughing at the most innocent of amusements and your heart just melts. Nights out in grotty clubs and crashing on friend's floors suddenly becomes the last the thing in the world you want to do.

For a fleeting moment you can see the world their through pure, blissful eyes and everywhere looks incredible. All that matters is family and kind people and playing together and eating your yogurt. Those are a child's eyes but maybe it would do us good to look through them every now and again too.

Motherhood has changed my life.



*Obviously she has made my life amazing but I was super happy before and am still as happy now. Just to clear that up before there is a blogland uproar hahaha.  

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