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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Google HQ and the TV Crew

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

A different sort of post for you today, although actually still beauty and baby related.

A little while back I was contacted by a TV station from France who asked me if I would go down to Google HQ in London to talk about what I do on YouTube and how it all happened for me. I was pretty apprehensive at first and the sceptic in me thought it might be a bit of a scam, because let's face it, there are FAR better YouTubers out there than me.

It was then explained that they were looking for someone who was growing fast but needed technical help (ie. is poop at the computerywizz stuff) and could be sat down with a YouTube Exec who would go through a few tips and pointers and then the viewers of the programme would also hear/see the tips and could use them themselves. Knowing my complete ineptness with technology, I thought this would really help me, so threw caution to the wind and said yes!

Unfortunately, I couldn't film whilst I was in there because Mr Google has pretty strict policies on this, but I did manage to take a few photos of interesting things, so I thought it would be fun to share them with you.

I know this isn't a beauty review or Baby Glitter update, but without those things and without ALL OF YOU, I wouldn't have Sprinkle of Glitter, and I wouldn't have had this fun day out. So as always, I big courtesy and bow to all of you readers, who enrich my life in ways you didn't even know you could.

*Dabs tears from eyes*

On with the show!

This is part of a double decker bus that Google built with spare parts and just have in the office, as you do. I actually instagrammed this picture so you may have already seen it. (Instagram name- Sprinkleofglitr)

Just a collection of old TV's from around the world. As you do.

My view of reception. The coffee table was a bath, with glass over it for putting things on (mostly tres serious international newspapers- no glamour magazines to be seen) and inside where random things and toys and globes.

To sign in, you do it all yourself on a touchscreen dodar which I thought was rather swish. I was also a bit mesmorised by the lava lamps. Mmmm laaaaavvvvaaa. And yes, that light fitting is a bowler hat.

Leave your iPhones at home- there is a Google phonebox on hand.

The French film crew- Pierre (how apt) and Aude. They were tres bon oui oui oh la la. (I'm practically fluent!).

If a double decker bus doesn't get your transport juices flowing (ew), then a rowing boat in an indoor park might. Claudine the PR lady (who was so on our wavelength, Sprinklerinos-you'd like her) said nobody really sits in it. Frankly, if I worked there, I'd have my breakfast, lunch and dinner in it, just because I could! hahaha.

The park was in the middle of level four, which is designed like a spaceship. It was trippy and this picture gives you a sense of that I hope.

Look closely at those books. No Sophie Kinsella or Bridget Jones for us! Haha.

Did you know, if you work at Google, you can bring your dog in? This makes me want to buy a dog, just so I can go there with it!

Just doing crazy clever computer work, in a deck chair. Lalala.

Boating Baby Glitter. She had such a fun day playing with everyone and soaking up the atmosphere. I'm so happy to take her along on all my adventures, she'll have some great stories to tell in the playground, won't she?

Not Smarties, oh no- Google Choco Bits!! I don't know why but that REALLY tickled my pickle. If you work at Google (or are visiting), all your food and drink is free. Now I've worked in offices where there were disputes over budget price teabags, so this was a refreshing change of play.

Types of computers with my married name (I still go by my maiden name online) at the bottom. Do excuse my goofy smile. I had lost all sense of reality by now, but so would you after being in an indoor park in the middle of a spaceship, with a rowing boat and free smarties google chocobits. ;)

My moment of filmy glory with Sara Mormino, Head of YouTube Partners.

She gave some cracking tips, which I was so grateful for. I'm fairly sure she thought I was a bit of a dunce and kindly suggested a beginners course in something for me, so I'm really looking forward to that. I have no shame in admitting I am a beginner in technology and am always really willing to learn and improve myself. I will let you all know how the course goes.

We had to do lots of filming of  'casual walking' and 'making smalltalk about YouTube' which was funny, because often we had to to quite a few takes so it felt weird saying, "Oh Hi Sara, fantastic to meet you" for the third time and really hamming things up. Hahaha.

All in all, it was a brilliant day and well worth the time and effort getting there. The documentary will be aired at the end of the month on a French TV station called M6 in a show called '66 Minutes'. If they upload it to the world wide web, I will show you it. If not, I hope my snaps have given you a bit of an insight into my adventure!

I can't think of a relevant question except- what was your favourite picture? Soooo, what is your best computer related fact?