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Monday, March 26, 2012

Tuesday Tip :: 'Ear 'Ear

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

It's Tuesday Tip time again! Gosh, that went fast didn't it?

This week's tip is a beauty one, so all you makeup lovers can do a silent fist pump of joy together. Ahhh unity.

Applying foundation is a fairly basic and necessary beauty step for most people. It hides spots, covers blemishes and evens skin tone. I usually blend right down my neck to prevent chavtastic tide lines and right into the hair line too. Today's tip to you though, is to consider giving your foundation brush a quick swizz over your ears.

Think of all those times when you become a little flushed (hot office boy winks at you, you run for a bus, you say something ridiculous) and you smugly think, "Oh joy unbounded, I have my foundation on so there will be no red cheekedness for me!". Wait, your ears are giving the game away! A quick swipe of foundation and you're sorted.

This also works well if you are going to be photographed a lot (nights out, occasion days, paparazzi...maybe not) as it gives you a professional overall finish.

Do you ever do this?



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