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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Huge Boots Haul

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

You know when you feel like you haven't had a good splurge in Boots for a while (if splurging in Boots is your thing of course), annnndddd your Husband says he'll look after the baby, annnndd your best friend is in town? Yes? Well that happened. And then I made a video about it.

I must admit to every now and then picking up the odd thing from Boots. It's no big deal. However, about twice a year, Zoe and I go to the largest Boots we can find and just let our little magpie eyes take us to whatever stand they choose and we fill our baskets with childlike glee. It's fantastic!! We're like kids in a candy shop and then we come home and spill the bags open and riffle through all our loot. We figure that since we don't spend our pennies doing normal best friend things (nights out, weekeneds away etc), that this is our 'thing'.

If you would like to see what I bought during my spree, you can watch the video above, or if you have trouble viewing that (I hope you don't though!), then you can click HERE to be taken to my YouTube Channel. If you are not already subscribed to it, please do come and join our friendly community, we're a nice bunch and as always, it's free. 

What is the absolute best thing you have ever bought from Boots?


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