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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Darcy Date Day

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

A couple of days ago I made a decision. I wanted to have a Mummy-Daughter Date Day where we did nothing but fun things and no work, errands or chores. And so we did.

I didn't take too many pictures because we were too busy being in the doings AND photographing an excited toddler is like catching clouds- impossible!

 Excuse the messy background, this was a little snap I took pre paints but post toddler joy at finding a roll of parcel paper. The fun she had with that! I had the paint out and her in a vest ready to get messy, but a roll of brown paper and a my little pony hair comb was far more exciting than the carefully planned activities I'd laid out. 

It only took about 3 seconds for me to realise I was going to have to go with the flow and if that meant finding 600 games with tubes of paper, then so be it.

It turns out that paint hand prints are not our skill. Pinterest makes these things look so easy but alas, they are not. These were the sort of standard we got but I'm happy. Baby Glitter got quite the kick out of squelching paint in her chubby little fists, so all was not lost at sea. 

Footprints on the other hand (oh, hand, see what I did there?) were quite the breeze and I now have about 30 mint copies of Darcy's right foot. I also have art from this time last year too so I look forward to seeing how much she's grown.

Thank goodness for wet wipes!

It was a brilliant day. We did SO much! I'm sat here at this computer, typing and deleting sentences because I want to put into words the love and bond I feel for this little creature that came into my life under two years ago but it's so difficult. To put it simply, I feel like she is a part of me. I sense all the things she feels without her saying and I never go a minute without having her on my mind. I feel like my mind is richer for having her in it. When she plays with me and puts her little warm hands on me I feel honoured that I was given such a blessing. *Grits teeth* I want to squish her little head! (NB :: This is a figure of speech, obviously would NEVER squish her head!! Cripes!).

I can't believe I went so many years without her in my life because now I can't imagine a life without her.

Taking a day out has made me cherish those 100% moments and I am all the more than happy to ignore the dishes and the emails and the rest of the world to spend that time with the little love bug.

I'm quite sure that if you are not one for children that this post might have made you a little queasy at the smooshiness, but if you are a 'baby/child person' or a Mama yourself, I know you'll get it.

From the photos above, can you guess what we made?


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