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Monday, February 4, 2013

Illamasqua I'mperfection

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Along with some of my glamorous blogging chums, last week I attended the launch event for Illamasqua's new collection :: Imperfection. As Alex Box, Illamasqua's Creative Director, cleverly pointed out that the word 'imperfection' can be 'I'm Perfection'.  With this inspiration, a new collection was born. 

Illamasqua Imperfection

The new collection boasts 5 limited edition nail varnishes (£14.50 each), created by Product Developer David Horne. Side note :: Having spent a day with David at the Illamasqua Master Class, I can honestly say he is one of the most interesting and charismatic men I have ever met. You know that fun game people sometimes play where you have to choose the ultimate ten dinner party guests (and everyone always seems to pick Stephen Fry)? Well I'd pick David as one of mine. 

Back on topic, David took his inspiration for these varnishes from nature, which is incredibly beautiful yet incredibly flawed. You know how little birdie eggs have that gorgeous speckled effect, well that's what these polishes are. Egg speckles. I LOVE that! 

With two sizes of glitter flecks, what I found most interesting was that the glitter was matte (so we can question whether this really is glitter- I'm a glitter freak) so the 'speckled' effect really is as true as it could be. Saying that, wouldn't it be huh-mazing if real bird eggs were speckled with glitter? Oh my!

Illamasqua Imperfection

As well as 5 nail polishes, 2 eye products (speckled liners) and 2 lip products (intense lipgloss in green and girlie lipstick in pick-featured above), Illasmasqua have launched 3 new blush duos and a innovative new makeup brush.

The idea is to place the product loaded brush with the tips pointing toward your nostril and upper ear, under your cheek bone and flick/push upwards towards (but not to) your eye. This method, unlike the conventional swirls on the apples of your cheeks, is designed to create a soft oval hue on the cheek bone. You can continue applying blush in this method to create a more dramatic effect too. What I have always loved about Illamasqua powders is that they really are easy to blend, so building colour is a doddle.

Naturally, I would have been grateful for any product that was in a goody bag, but when I saw I had been given 'Lover & Hussy' I was pleased as punch because girly pinks and sweet corals are right up my alley!

Illamasqua Imperfection
(A few quick snaps from the event- it was too pretty to waste)

Illamasqua is a brand that strives and succeeds in pushing limits. It challenges stereotypes and questions the status quo. Some of it's products are a little outlandish for me but more often than not, I fall a little bit in love with them (I'm on my third pot of Beguile for goodness sake!). I love this collection not just for the pretty pastels and easy to wear blushers, but for the ethos behind it and the idea that acceptance of our natural selves is true beauty, it is perfection.

What stands out for you in this collection? Are you in love with the concept too?

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