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Monday, February 11, 2013

Wonder Forest Wonder Girl

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

So, let's address the elephant in the room- I've had a little change about on my blog. I alluded to it back in THIS blog post and hurrah huzzah, it's had a little makeover.

One of my most comment blog enquiries is, 'How did you get your blog to look the way it did?' and in short, the answer is, I didn't. Dana did.

Dana is a blogger and designer who has transformed this blog into something I liked the look of into something I LOVE the look of and I think she's worth her weight in gold. I'm singing her praises because hopefully those of you who are struggling with customising your blogs will now hop over to her Design Page and see what she's all about.

As well as being a wonderful technical wizz, Dana has written a full ebook. Now, before I read through it, I thought an ebook would be about 8 pages of a word document with some fancy fonts. Wrong. It's a full on proper length book!!! This book is all about blogging and what Dana has learnt and observed on her journey through it. If you are a blogger, are thinking about dipping your toe in the water or are just interested to learn more about this emerging world, definitely give this a looksie. You can find it HERE

Annnnnddd, if you really can't get enough of her (don't lie, you get addicted to people online too), she is on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to boot. What a woman!

So, now you know the secrets of the new look, I hope that helps some of you or removes some of the mystery behind it all because I remember when I started out I found it all very daunting and wished somebody had been a bit more transparent with me.

What blogs do you like for their great design? Feel free to share some of your favourites so we can find new gems to read.

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