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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Amazing Advertisers || February 2013

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Oohhh this month the Amazing Advertisers went on a big journey together. From the left to the right hand side of my blog. I hope they enjoyed their adventure haha!

As always, there is a whole host of great blogs to find in the sidebar, so let's look a little closer.

(Image ::

Alycia and Trevor have the most romantic of stories. After being proposing, Trevor told his soon to be bride that their life would be full of fun. And it is! This is a blog to document all of those joyful memories, their journey together, lifestyle articles and sweet catch ups. Some of Alycia's photos make me drool and frankly, she makes me want to stick clouds to straws. Check out her blog to find out why!

Ji Ji Kiki is my Ultimate Advertiser this month so you may well have looked at this site already. It is a treasure trove of bits and pieces and I think my favourite page is the Kitch Jewellery section. I'm not quite sure I can resist the iced gem rings any longer. Also, they're on sale so if that doesn't convince me, I don't know what will. 

A beauty and lifestyle blog written by a full time Civil Engineering Technologist in Canada. That was a mouthful! This blog has a clear, uncluttered layout and easy to read posts. I have enjoyed the 25 Random Facts post as I think it's so nice to get to know the heartbeat behind a blog. I think this blogger has been feeling a little down of late so I hope things pick up for her soon. Let's go and show her some love.

Strawberry Sisters is a blog of everything! Fashion, food, fun and games are all on board in a wonderfully whimsical setting, perfect for your inner girlieness. With plenty of photos and regular updates, you won't be short of something to read. I particularly enjoyed the strawberry scrunchie post and feel inspired to make some for Darcy. 

The story behind this beauty review blog is fabulous. It's writer is in her late 30's yet still new to makeup. She writes about her thoughts on products and how they suit her (very slightly!) more mature skin. If you're interested in high end products, you may well enjoy this blog. 

Stacie is not new to this blog so I'm sure you will have read about her amazing story before (if not, go and do it, it's inspiring). This month Stacie has been sharing her story on Daybreak (the morning TV show) and is celebrating a blog milestone with a lovely giveaway. Definitely one to bookmark!

We've been through this before haven't we? Sofia's blog is on my daily check 'n' read list and if it's not on yours, we can't be friends. I adore this blog. I love the layout, the photography, the writing, the personality, everything. Stop avoiding it and have a look, you won't regret it I promise. 

This is a site unlike any other amazing advertiser this month. I'm not going to talk too much because I want you to go and experience it. Clue - You'll use your ears more than your eyes. I LOVE it when there are interesting things like this in my sidebar. I think you will too. 

Right, scrap the usual blurb. Lynne has titled her most recent post 'You Go Glen Coco'. She is clearly brilliant and you should do yourself a favour and go and check it out. Aside from her obvious geniosity (real word there), her blog is crazy pretty and her posts are tres engaging. Stop reading this and click through to her. Also, go back and read her post from the 13th, I did a real life 'lol'! 

First of all, ooooohhhh puuurrddddyyyy. Second of all, did I mention how pretty this blog is? Although Sarah has only blogged 3 times so far this month, all of her posts have been really lovely. There is a fab haul as well as a gorgeous collage and some great motivation for us all. Give it a little looksie. 

Mia's blog is a baby. Only starting this month, it is sweet, girly and focused on beauty. With clear pictures, swatches and great writing, I think this blog is off to a fantastic start. Hop on over and show her some of our sparkly support. 

Annabel makes me want to do things. Minds out of gutters please. She makes me want to take better photographs, change my fonts and go shopping, that's how persuasively good her 'little bit of everything' blog is. Now that you've made it to the end of this post, go and have a look and feel inspired too. 

Well, that's it. Another set of fantastic ladies, all set to have you reading for hours.

Have you discovered anyone new? Check back later for my second blog post of the extra exciting one!! 


This month my Ultimate Advertiser is Ji Ji Kiki . If you would like to find out more about advertising on this blog, click HERE