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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bargains at Boots

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

I thought I would keep you all in the loop and let you know that Boots are running their nifty little voucher deal again.

If you spend £5, you are given a voucher which entitles you to £5 off anything from the No.7 range.

I always make the most of this and try and do my stocking up shopping (tooth pastes, lady products, shampoo, baby stuff, etc) at this time, then when I go to the tills to pay, I pay for it in £5 chunks so I get the most vouchers. Yes, it really annoys the sales assistant, but if it's the difference between 1 voucher and 7, I'll smile sweetly and endure the menacing evils she gives me...yeah lady who's name badge said 'Dawn', I'm talking about you.

I usually use my vouchers to stockpile the face wipes (which have changed packaging but are still the same) as they are taken from £7 to £2 and are brilliant at makeup removal. Seeing as I had so many vouchers this time, I treated myself to a night cream, taken from £10 to £5 and I think I will spend the other 2 on mascaras or maybe another skincare product.

I'm not sure how long this deal is on for so I would suggest you pop to your local Boots asap and take full advantage!

Are you a fan of the No.7 range? What do you enjoy most?