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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Has Spring Sprung?

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

This morning as I brushed my teeth, I opened the bathroom window and heard something unfamiliar but oh so lovely- birdsong. For me, the first musical notes from my garden friends of the year are a mark of hope, of good things to come and at last, an end to grey dreariness.

I instantly wanted to do a 'spring' post and sat down with Lappie (who doesn't name their laptops?!) to have a bit of a mooch on weheartit for eye candy. Suddenly, I realised that this all felt a bit de ja vous. Hmmmm. After a little think, I realised I did something VERY similar last year in February! If you would like to read that post, HERE it is. Haha, it goes to show what a creature of habit I am.

Never one to miss out on the opportunity to create a new tradition, I typed "Spring" into and here are a selection of my favourites :


Tulips have been one of my favourite flowers since as long as I can remember. This picture reminds me of my Auntie Rose's garden which is always in full bloom.


Although this is clearly not in England (there are no lorries swaying across two lanes and sports cars cutting anyone up), it makes me want a road trip with the windows wound down.


With two of my girlie friends engaged this winter, weddings are on the horizon. As soon as the shops start stocking nice summer clothes, I'm going shopping!


In our house, Spring is birthday season. Baby Glitter, Me, my Mum in heaven and some of my cousins all have April birthdays, so the anticipation of cake and parties is never far from our minds.

Are you full of the joys of Spring yet?