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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Flutter and Sparkle

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

It was bound to happen soon enough, but I shall hold my paws up and say- 'Woops! I forgot someone!'. Uh oh!

Gem has an advert with me and was meant to be in today's Amazing Advertiser post, but with errands to the post office and Matt's work, a slightly off par baby and something pretty big happening tomorrow (ooo mysterious), I let someone slip through the net and feel just horrible for it!

flutter and sparkle

To make up for my woopsie, I shall tell you about her here instead, so that those who have already read my previous post, won't miss her.

Gem's blog is girlie through and through. She herself admits that she has a serious addiction to shoes and fortunately for us, is happy to share her shopping hauls! With posts ranging from the latest nail techniques, to easy step by step bakery tutorials, this blog has a little bit of everything I like- beauty and food! haha!

Please do stop by and have a look at her great posts, and Gem, if you're reading, am I forgiven?