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Friday, February 3, 2012

I heart Glitterworld

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

I have just spent over an hour writing a post and uploading a zillion pictures of a a few bits I picked up last week but as I was writing it, I was finding it more and more laborious. I promised myself when I started this blog that I would only ever write for the joy of it, and so that post was quickly sent to drafts and I decided to talk about something much more fun.

This week has been another good one and I couldn't be more grateful- mostly to you fabulous Sprinklerinos!

♥ My lovely chum Zoe came to stay. We laughed our socks off, mooched round cute shops in a local village, ate our weight in pizza hut and put the world to rights. Once she was home, she wrote a really unexpected and beautiful post and I felt really rather emotional. I shan't go on because I don't want to sound like Mrs Feelings, but it really did mean a lot.

♥ Baby Glitter has been an absolute joy this week. She's always my little treasure, but this week she seems to have been more brilliant than usual. My friend Charly and I had some retail therapy today and Baby Glitter was sooo well behaved. She cooed and giggled and clapped like a pro. OOhhhhh I could just squish her to bits...but I won't...that would be frowned upon somewhat.

♥ Whilst shopping today I picked up 2 more Topshop lipsticks- yay! More on those to come.

♥ It's the IMATS tomorrow!! I cannae wait!! Matt is dropping me off and collecting me so I'll enjoy chitchatting to him in the car and then he and Baby Glitter will be spending the day together with a friend in London. I absolutely loved the IMATS last year and this year will be even better because I won't be 8 months pregnant and waddling- hooray. If you see me, come over and say, 'Howdy Doody' please :)

♥ Best, best, best thing about this week- I won 'Highly Commended' in the Marie Claire Beauty Blog of the Year Awards. I literally could not believe it. Really, I couldn't. It has just been a huge boost to me to know that so many of you voted and makes me love GlitterWorld a trillion times more that I already did, which was A LOT! I could gabble on and on about how grateful I am but you're eyes would get very tired indeed. Just, thank you. I heart you. Yes, you.

What good things have happened for you this week?