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Friday, February 10, 2012

JD Williams

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Following on from my previous post about shopping for jeans, another site I have been looking at today is JD Williams is perfect for those of us looking for plus size clothing and I have found some little gems to share with you all.

I must say, as with any shop (on line or highstreet), there are things that perhaps wouldn't be my cup of tea and things that would, so it was quite fun spending a bit of time mooching through and seeing the selection they have.

This is the Abigail Batwing Blouse with camisole for £32.

I have something quite similar to this from Rivar Island (remember the blue floral poncho type top?) and I think this would look really lovely with leggings and sandals in the Spring. I love that it's long enough to cover the bottom, so it hides a multitude of sins! JDWilliams actually stock sizes from 12-38 and I think this top is a really good choice for a larger lady. Oohh also, whilst I'm on the topic of sizings, they also have a crazy good size range on bras: 32-56, cup size A-K.

Another top that I reeeaallly like is the Abigail Button Front Top for £35. This actually comes in cream and black and would be good for this time of year with a cotton tee underneath, or for warmer temperatures with just a vest. Again, I like the length of it and think it would suit skinny jeans and cute pumps. Oohh look at me, Mrs Fashionista! Haha.

As far as the trousers go, what about these hot pink peg pants? They are a little brave for me but I've seen quite a few brights lately and am starting to think this is a trend I need to get on!

All in all, a great selection of clothes and accessories for the curvier figure and a good place to start if you are in the market for some plus sized clothing.

Thanks for reading!


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