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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Topshop Splurge

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

No, no, before you scootch your bumbums to the edge of your chairs anticipating a Topshop clothing haul, let me rain on your parade- I bought no clothes! I never actually buy clothes from Topshop. Mainly because I have a fat ass and Topshop doesn't accommodate this and also because there isn't too much in their that really suits me. Meh.

What I do love from Topshop though is their make up range. I actually reviewed the sandstorm range last year, so if you'd like to refresh your memory, HERE it is.

A couple of weeks ago I was in London for the New CID event and had arranged to meet up with Victoria from VIPXO outside the Topshop on Oxford Street. It would have been rude to walk past and not stop by. Thirty eight English pounds later, here is what I came out with:

Since buying these beauties, I have loved the lipsticks so much that I've bought two more- oopsie. The lipliner in 'Fearless' is the PERFECT accompaniment for the lipstick in 'Brighton Rock'.

Whilst I meandered round the makeup (and bumped into Barbara aka ThePersianBabe of all people), I spotted a rather expansive Barry M counter and couldn't help but have a gander. I always check out Barry M because I love their pigments and have quite a little collection now. This particular counter seemed to have a much wider selection of shades than my usual ones, so I took full advantage and bought three more dazzle dusts.

I think they are all really gorgeous spring shades and will look lovely blended with other colours or patted all over the lid.


On to the pencils. I love them both. A lot.

'Coal' eyeliner has now become my absolute favourite and I will definitely be repurchasing when it runs out. It's darker than dark, smudges beautifully, stays on all day (where I left it too!) and gives the perfect smokey vixen eye. It's true love I tell thee.

'Fearless' lipliner is my second ever lipliner and is fantastic with 'Brighton Rock' lipstick. It glides on effortlessly with no stressful skin tugging and makes a brilliant base too. Since buying this, I have a lot of faith in Topshop lipsticks and will be looking into more.

I won't go on too much about the lipsticks because I recently made a video featuring them, but in a nutshell, they're great, get some!

Creamy, pigmented, long lasting, non drying, what more could you want?

How much do you love the packaging? So fun!

I know they look VERY similar, but I couldn't help myself. 'Brighton Rock' is very candy pink, where as 'Confession' is a pinkish coral.

Ooohhhhh look at coal. Sooooo black.

Yes, I know this is a stupid weirdo face, but I HAD to pick it over the nice smiley-show-the-lipstick-snaps because there is a little monkey poking round in the back! Tehe!

Overall, I think that was £38 well spend and I'm really pleased with my purchases.

Have you ever bought makeup from Topshop? What did you think?