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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Amazing Advertiser Message

Aloha Amazing Advertisers!

This is a temporary blog post but an important one none the less.

You may have noticed your new ads were supposed to be up tonight and they are not. Bad Louise.

I spent the day at Alton Towers with Matt and our newlywed chums Mark and Clare (keep your eyes peeled for a vlog) as part of our wedding present to them.

We left at 5.30, planning to get back for 6.30-7.00 so I could upload your lovely ads and we could get Baby Glitter to bed with a story and some snuggles. Alas, the motorway was having NONE of it- we sat in the car for 3 solid hours crawling along the motorway. Oof! I was getting stressed knowing we had to pick Baby Glitter up from my Stepmum, get your ads up and take off wet clothes (damn you rapid ride!!).

It's poopy I know, but it really was out of my control.

Here's the new plan :

Since it's now gone 10pm and I have been up since 6am, I will put your ads up tomorrow and we will run them from the 2nd of July to the 2nd of August. This way, you still get 100% what you have paid for and it starts on a Monday so that's nice!

This post will be removed tomorrow night because I'm not sure it's exactly thrilling reading but I knew it would be a good way to reach all of you and not miss anyone off the list. Ahhh, the modern world eh!

I hope you've all had good weekends like mine, minus the nightmare traffic jam!



NB - This is an emergancy post. Real blogging will resume tomorrow!