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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer Spending Ban

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

If you follow me on YouTube, you may have noticed that I have been a bit of a naughty spender recently and have been doing more haul videos than usual. I would never say I'm Mrs Haulypants or anything of this ilk, but I just feel like I have been treating myself a lot more than I usually would.

For this reason I have decided that it's time to take action! I will fritter no more! I will take control of my finances! Tighten my purse strings! Save the planet! Ok, maybe that's a little too far, but I will be spending less. 

(Here's my last haul video, where you can see how much I need to STOP bringing beautiful things home in lovely paper bags in exchange for a quick swipe of a small plastic rectangle. Mmmmmm shoopppppiinnngg.)

I have decided that from now until Sept 1st, I will only spend mula on the following (brace yourself, it's list time!):

Baby Glitter
Food Shopping/Petrol/Bills
Presents (but not for myself haha)
Experiences (eg. Family days out, time with friends etc)
Train Tickets
Storage (Had to slip this in as I'm buying a storage unit from IKEA soon)


What I will NOT splash cash on is:


I plan on putting my saved pennies towards a trip abroad next year and a few nice things I have planned this summer, which I will, as always, share with you. 

I'm looking forward to finding lots of ways to have fun (because let's face it, shopping is FUN) without pouring all my money away and if I discover any good'uns, I'll be sure to let you know.

Do you have any tips for not spending on clothes and makeup? Or do you know of any fun free things to do? Share in the comments and we call all be richer for it. Ooohhh see what I did there?!


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