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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Lou's Reviews || JolieBox || June

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

If you have not dipped your pedicured toe very deeply into the world of beauty blogs, you may not have heard of Jolie Box. It is, in a nutshell, a beauty subscription service, where for £10 plus £2.95 p&p, you will be sent a little parcel of product samples. The samples promise to be miniatures or full sized (not piddly little sachets) and spanning across a range of items. So you could have hair, skin, cosmetic or fragrance items. You never know what you will receive and it is a gamble. If you like surprises, this will be right up your street.

I am very fortunate and was sent this box complimentary for review purposes but as always, my opinions are not swayed by a freebie and are honest.

I won't give you a run down of every item in the box as I think I am perhaps a little late and you will have seen a dozen of these already, but I will tell you a few things about my overall feelings towards the June box. Good plan? I hope so.

I liked the orange packaging. I'm not gaga wild for orange (unlike some...Zoe, we're all looking at you here), but this pleased me. It's summer after all and if you can't embrace a sturdy orange box now, when can you? I will shortly be doing a blog post on what I do with my empty subscription service boxes. Does that thrill you? Haha.

I was actually very impressed with some of the contents. The Yon-ka Pamplemousse (say 'pamplemousse' over and over and you can't help but smile) cream was perfectly matched to my skin type which Joliebox had previously enquired about. I think that beauty boxes would do well to customise the boxes a little as a big problem with them is receiving something unsuitable to your needs. I appreciate that this must be an administrative nightmare, not to mention an extra cost to the company, so was impressed that JolieBox gave it a whirl. I am thoroughly enjoying the L'Occitane Angelica Hydration Cream too. The little green pot is darling and the smell light and fresh. 

Unfortunately the lipstick and the nail file didn't float my boat. I thought the lipstick packaging was cheap feeling and unsightly and the colour wasn't to my taste. Saying that, colour preferences are never going to be the same for every customer so it might be something you love. The nail file was just a nail file. Handy. Haha, how much can you say about a nail file?

I have tried out the Institut Esthederm UV inCellium Spray (a pre-tanning treatment to prolong your tan) but can't be sure it did anything (that I noticed anyway) so I don't feel I can really give an opinion on it.

I love that JolieBox provide a little magazine pamphlet and that inside the box they products are secured in a little baggie so there is no mess. This month there were also some money off vouchers and discount codes included so that was an added bonus.

All in all, a pleasant box. I think if I had paid the £12.95 I would have enjoyed the concept of having those items send in beautiful box to my door and discovering them at home, but if I saw the exact same products in a little bag in a shop, I don't think I would part with my £12.95. What I am trying to say is that with this king of thing you are half paying for the experience rather than the beauty products. A lot of the time a full sized item in these boxes is valued at more than £12.95 so you are getting your money's worth, but the question is, 'Did you really want that product anyway?'.

I suppose it all boils down to whether you enjoy suprises, packages and discovering new things in a risky way. Oooohhh that's starting to sound very 50 Shades of Grey! Haha.

What are your thoughts on this particular box? Do you have any overall thoughts on beauty subscription services?



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