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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lou's Reviews || Collection 2000 Glow Getter

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

You know those products you have, that might not be the most glamorous high end products, but you use them day after day until they are old and tatty but you just LOVE them? Well Collection 200 Shimmer Shades 'Way to Glow' is my one of those. 

I bought it about 2 months ago and have found myself using it every single day since. Now, as an extreme beauty junkie, this is high praise indeed!!

I use the 2 darker brown shades under my cheek bone to contour and this gives the illusion of a shadow. You want to create this illusion because it then makes people subconsciously think your cheekbones are more prominent and your face is slimmer. It's a great little trick if you have a round face or a bit of extra chub like I do.

(Mmmm maybe I should just felt tip on myself. It's so shexy!)

Above that (so on the lower part of my cheek bone) I use the peachy blush shade and then above that to highlight, the pearly shade. I tend not to use the peach and pearl shades too often as I have other blushers and highlighters that I enjoy, but the two brown colours are a staple. 

I love that there is a warm and a cool toned bronzer in this kit as I can match this according to weather I am (fake!) tanned or au naturally pale. 

The packaging is sturdy and functional. It's not the most beautiful item I own, but it does the job, never pings open in my makeup bag, is clear plastic so you can see what you have and isn't unnecessarily bulky. 

I have found the pigmentation of this to be fantastic, my slanted contour brush (which I sell in mine and Zoe's SHOP in the mineral collection) picks up the pressed powder beautifully and it has EXCELLENT staying power.

Really, at £4.19, you'd be silly not to add this to your kit. I find myself choosing it over my much more expensive products- crazy.

All in all, I literally cannot fault this quad. Great formula, impressive lasting times, good packaging, bargain price. 10/10.

Do you have any 'must have' staple items like this? Share in the comments and we can all diminish our bank accounts! haha!



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