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Sunday, July 8, 2012

DIY Instagram Collage

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Once upon a time I lived in a stylish city apartment, with my delicious smelling boyfriend and we would spend Friday nights in swanky bars, laughing with friends and wearing shockingly high heels (me, not him!). Nowadays things are a little different. 

This Friday just gone, once Baby Glitter was in bed, I put on some cheesy romcom and grabbed my sellotape with relish. Forty minutes later and I had made this ::

Do excuse my fuzzy instagram pictures. Once it is hung I will photograph it with the cannon and we can all oooh and aaaaar. 

After I had instagramed the finished product, a lot of you sweetly asked how I made it so I have decided to tell you. It really was easy and is incredibly adaptable, so hopefully you can make something gorgeous for yourselves too. 

:: Step One :: 

Have your instagram images printed. I used Pinstagram for this. I opted for 2inch by 2inch squares and for $12 you can choose 48. They are sent in a little brown box on sturdy white card with a neat white trim. I LOVE them! I ordered multiples of a couple (like the one of me and my sister) so send in little cards- how quaint. At christmas, I intend on taking some cute shots of Baby Glitter, having them printed and using them as gift tags for family and friends. Delivery time took 2-3 weeks so plan ahead if you want to use this service. I was really happy with it. Also, as an extra bonus, you can pay by paypal, easy streets!

:: Step Two ::

Buy your frame. I bought this one from IKEA as I liked the raised edges. I also liked that it was only £7.99 and absolutely massive. Hurrah!

:: Step Three ::

The fun part- choose and arrange your photos. In this frame, if you squish them all up, you can fit 60 in perfectly. Since I had 144 to choose from, this was pretty tricky! Haha.

:: Step Four ::

Adhere your photos. For this you can use anything you like, but since I could only find sellotape, that had to do. Ideally a craft glue would have been more suitable. This particular frame came with a large sheet of fitted cardstock, so I was able to just stick directly to that. If your frame doesn't have one of these, you may need to improvise. Don't splash out, something as simple and accessible as cut out card from a cereal box will work beautifully. 

:: Step Five ::

Close the frame up securely and hang proudly. You are a craft genius and deserve a blue ribband or other such delightful treat.

This little craft project is great because it was easy, mess free, affordable (frame was £7.99 and 48 pictures were $12, so for the sixty in there it probably equates to about a tenner, entire project coming in at under £20) and can be adapted to so many things. Obviously you could make different sized and shaped collages, but you could also make birthday card, invites, or decoupage table tops. The possibilities are endless!

I'm really glad I took the time to print my pictures, all too often my memories sit unseen in digital form and so I am looking forward to finding more and more ways to display my growing love for photography.

Is this a project you might try? How do you display your pictures?

If you would like to follow me on instagram, I am 'Sprinkleofglitr', just like my twitter handle.



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